Structural facade system with silicon – S50

The main features and characteristics of silicon STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS

  • The column width is 50 mm, enabling the introduction of light
  • Great diversity of columns and bearers, aesthetically meets all architectural requirements
  • Double glass thickness 30-32 mm
  • Columns can be caught from outside as well as inside the building
  • The total weight of aluminum used is reduced because the system used, which enables direct capture of double glass in the structure.
  • Thermal barrier 10 mm and 16 mm glass fiber to ensure perfect thermal insulation, reducing the cost of heating and cooling the building in
  • 16 mm space between frames
  • By not using profiles other than columns and bearers, creates the possibility of a better lighting.
  • External glass doors, are symmetrical with the rest fixed
  • Isolation of water is guaranteed by the use of  epidermis rubber seals and structural silicon.

This system is equipped with high quality accessories and in full compliance with international standards.

    S50 Structural