Structural facade system by hanging – S55

Basic features

  • This system is similar to semi-structural system, with the exception of appearance which is aesthetically more beautiful for the effect of eliminating the facade profiles, thus allowing only exposure glass.
  • This system has features like symmetry arising as folding the leaf, as fixed parts. Provide the same view as from inside and outside.
  • Another advantage is the return of a fixed space of just adding wings leaf and door handle or vice versa
  • Can accept double glazed space of 24-40 mm
  • Folding connector accessories are designed in such a way that the casement weight contribute to greater compaction of rubber seals, guaranteeing a good insulation hydro and thermal.
  • The window leaves have a tolerance ± 5 mm movement to avoid thus, the possibility of breaking the glass during earthquakes.
  • Use of 3 rubber seals different in each module enables perfect insulation from water.
  • The variety of columns and bearers fully meet all requirements in static large spaces.
    S55 Structural